Want to Conceive a Baby Boy?

Published on 03 Aug

So you want to conceive a baby boy?

One of the most bizarre stories to surface recently (Dec 2016) was reported in an Indian daily newspaper, “Mangalam” in Kerala, where utterly nonsensical advice was offered on how to increase your chances of having a boy.

In many cultures there is a preference for boys, not least because that are more likely to be the providers in parent’s old age. In India dowries are paid by the girl’s parents upon marriage, and this can be seen as a high cost that could be avoided!

The advice…to face West while in bed, eat a lot, eat breakfast, have sex only on certain days of the week and for the man to avoid acidic foods, is utter tosh. There is no evidence to suggest that conception is none other than a random process.

DNA tests and other tests to determine the sex of a foetus are illegal in India, but they still occur, leading to sex selective abortions.

The preponderance of pre-natal DNA testing in the UK seems to be on the increase, most often it is with a view to an abortion if it is the “wrong” man. It is not something we agree with (as we do not wish to play any part in a termination decision) and so at “thatdnacompany” we do not conduct these type of DNA tests. Even so, we do respect that others may have a different view and these tests are available with other DNA testing companies. If you need a DNA test for paternity as soon as the baby is born, we have an accelerated service which will give you the answer rapidly, so that the dad and his parents can be informed as soon as possible.

Please e-mail sales@thatdnacompany.com or call us on 0203 603 1189, we would be pleased to help.

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