UK Paternity Testing: The Ultimate Guide for Families

Published on 22 May

The motivations behind the rise in paternity testing in the UK are diverse. For some, the primary goal is to find peace of mind, resolving lingering doubts about their biological parentage. Additionally, a growing desire to understand family history and genealogy has made paternity testing an important tool for individuals seeking to reconnect with biological relatives or explore their ancestral roots.

Read on as we explore UK paternity testing and how we at thatDNAcompany do it with a probability above 99.99%.

The Significance Of Paternity Tests 

Paternity tests hold significance that goes far beyond satisfying curiosity. They enable you to establish your identity, secure inheritance rights, and achieve emotional closure. The reasons individuals pursue this path are diverse. Some seek confirmation of their biological father, potentially impacting family dynamics. 

UK paternity tests can also be crucial for understanding medical history, offering valuable insights into potential health risks and inherited conditions. 

However, some people may require definitive proof for legal purposes, such as birth certificates or immigration applications. Our at-home tests are not suitable for legal purposes. If you’re in need of a paternity test for legal reasons, check out our sister service for accredited DNA tests, dadcheck®gold

thatDNAcompany’s Testing Services

We at thatDNAcompany distinguish ourselves as a leading provider of home DNA tests, primarily focusing on determining the probability of familial relationships. We offer a variety of DNA testing services catering to different needs, including UK paternity testing, sibling testing, grandparentage testing, aunt/uncle testing, and twin testing. Our service is convenient, as customers can order DNA test kits directly online or by phone, ensuring ease of access and efficiency. These kits are purpose-built for at-home use, with simple instructions for collecting DNA samples using mouth swabs. 

The testing process is fast, with next-day results available, making it an appealing choice for those needing quick answers. thatDNAcompany utilises state-of-the-art DNA technology and highly skilled scientists to ensure that results are not only rapid but also accurate, offering near-certain conclusions with a probability often exceeding 99.99%. This commitment to quality and customer service makes us a preferred choice in the UK for personal DNA testing.

The Process of Ordering a DNA Test Kit

Ordering a DNA test kit from thatDNAcompany is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all who require our testing services. Here’s how you can secure a kit:

Step 1: Place Your Order
You can initiate your order either online or by phone. The latter option allows you to have your questions answered promptly by experienced customer service advisors.

Step 2: Delivery of Sampling Kit
Upon ordering, a custom sampling kit will be sent to your address. There is an option to have an additional kit sent to a different address for a small fee, accommodating different living situations.

Step 3: Sample Collection
The kit includes a simple mouth swab for DNA collection. Instructions are provided to ensure that samples are uncontaminated. Although the mother’s participation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure the most definitive test results.

Step 4: Send Back Samples
After collecting the samples, they are to be sent back to the company’s laboratory in a pre-paid tamper-proof envelope provided in the kit.

This process alleviates much of the hassle typically associated with testing, ensuring that clients can focus on the outcomes without worrying about the complexities of sample collection and submission.

Results and Reporting Procedures

Upon receipt of the returned samples, thatDNAcompany starts the clock; this first day is labelled Day 0. Depending on the chosen service, results can be presented as quickly as the next working day, though typically are available on the second working day (usually after 4 pm). The outcomes are then uploaded securely as a PDF onto the company’s website, accessible through a login and password created during the order process. 

For those who prefer a tangible document, a hard copy of the report can be dispatched by post directly to the Ordering Party’s address. thatDNAcompany’s swift and secure reporting ensures discretion and privacy, delivering highly accurate results that provide either 100% certainty in excluding a man from paternity or affirming paternal relation with probabilities often above 99.99%. Our process underscores our commitment to facilitating a seamless experience for the clients from the testing phase to receiving results.

Understanding the Importance of DNA Results

Relationship DNA testing carries significant implications and can be a transformative event for all involved. Prior to engaging in a paternity test, thatDNAcompany advises individuals to ponder carefully on potential outcomes and contemplate whether the test aligns with the best interests of those concerned. Each of us inherits our unique genetic code from both biological parents and paternity tests analyse shared genetic markers to establish or refute a paternal connection. 

Notably, for cases that do not require legal standing, at-home DNA tests from thatDNAcompany cater to personal information needs, and the outcomes are not recognised in UK courts, Child Maintenance Service, or other legal entities. If legal acknowledgement of paternity is necessary, individuals are directed to visit our sister site, which specialises in legal and immigration DNA testing.

The Significance of UK Paternity Testing Results

UK paternity tests from thatDNAcompany are primarily designed for personal knowledge and understanding, serving those eager to clarify paternal relationships without legal implications. Before initiating a paternity test, it’s crucial for individuals to contemplate the profound implications such results may entail. Every human inherits a unique genetic blueprint, half from their mother and half from their father. Our paternity tests analyse 23 genetic markers to confirm or refute a biological connection between a child and an alleged father. 

With us at thatDNAcompany, the journey through DNA testing is not just about gaining answers but understanding the depth and implications of discovering biological connections. Still in doubt? Read honest reviews from our clients.

If you are interested in our services, reach out to us today.

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