Prince Harry

Published on 09 Dec

The rumours have been circulating for years about Prince Harry not being the son of Charles III and frankly, those of us who love the royal family, are really fed up with it. The host of conspiracy theorists and tabloid nonsense out there has left many of us exasperated. In such cases as this, “lookalike” theories are exactly that, people see what they want to see, especially if they are given the answer beforehand. A positive DNA test is the only way to resolve this but in our view, this is an entirely private matter and we do not understand why it is at all in the public interest. When we ask for consent to a DNA test, we always try to make sure that the client understands the nature and possible consequences of the DNA test.

What is the consent form? – That DNA Company.

In this case, how can the possible consequences be associated with anything but hurt?

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