What is paternity fraud and should we be concerned?

Published on 11 Oct

Paternity fraud, sometimes called misattributed paternity, is when a man unknowingly brings up a child to whom he is not genetically related. It is when the mother deliberately deceives a man of fatherhood for her own evolutionary advantage.

In some cases, a man may have agreed to bring up the child as his own but in others the man may have been duped into raising a child who is not his. This is often called cuckolding, a term used when a bird lays its eggs in another birds nest!

The motivation for such a deceit may include a mothers attempt to keep the family unit together, to hide her infidelities or to receive maintenance payments for the child.

There is no real way of determining the frequency of paternity fraud. However, it does exist and in reality, always has done.

In the present day, paternity fraud is not a criminal matter but a civil wrong, with court action being brought under the tort of deceit which can be resolved via a DNA paternity test to prove or disprove fatherhood.

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