Separation and divorce; new year, new start?

Published on 08 May

Each year in early January an unusual statistic arises…the peak number of couples applying for a divorce and the concept of “Divorce day”, which this year is anticipated to be Monday 9th January.

Festering resentments may be brought to the fore over the Christmas period, when situations may be fuelled by friends and relatives, as families are together for a longer than usual period of time. Perhaps it is also the thought of a New Year and another year of the “same old stuff” and a desire or need for a new beginning. Maybe a new relationship option has popped up, with the grass looking greener and a change as good as a rest…

But is it not just about divorce, it is also about all types of relationship frustration and separation, with many reasons. Physical infidelity (sexual encounters with someone who is not your partner – know as unfaithfulness), financial infidelity, addiction to say drugs, alcohol or gambling and abuse, both physical and emotional can all play a role in causing couples to split up.

At thatdnacompany it is unfaithfulness which concerns us most, as often there is a child involved and there is a need to know the biological father. Now, one thing we are not is “judgmental”…we understand there are a range of circumstances and that these are nearly always best kept private. But with social media, it is harder and harder to keep things that way. So an increasing number of people need paternity answers and we are here to help with clear information about who is the father of a child.

One wonders if “divorce day” will ever become a national “split up” day?

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