DNA Testing – Winter Love Island

Published on 13 Jan

Tonight on (Winter) Love Island! Well last night, we’ve given you some time to process the fact we now have an annual double bill of Love Island!

No, this year’s islanders won’t be sat around in a luxury cabin by a log fire in Eskimo attire, they will be in their usual beach attire awkwardly dancing to up-beat music in staged party scenes but this time in Cape Town, South Africa!

You either love it or hate it but most of us are guilty for tuning into the hit ITV show every night at 9pm for an hour of mildly amusing confrontation, cringey flirting, gossiping, two-timing and love.

Previous islanders have described a day in the villa feeling like a week and within a couple of episodes we are sure to see new romantic relationships forming.

We are also guaranteed to see a lot of egg snatching as some contestants are on to the next one before they’ve kindly let their fire pit match that they’re just not their type. This is usually perfectly timed as the next bombshell that walks in.

We may also see a lot of egg cradling as some couples may choose to remain coupled up throughout the series in hopes of bagging themselves the £50,000 cash prize.

In previous series couples have shamelessly got down with it from the get-go but last series saw a switch to a more modest and secretive approach regarding special one-on-one time. That is till couples are lucky enough to escape to the hideaway for a night; it seems they get carried away between the sheets and forget millions are watching, analysing every second of their aired lives.

Could this year’s islanders step it up from previous years in hopes of producing the most entertaining series yet? A duvet can cover up many activities as we saw from loved up Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury last year but will this group of islanders push the boundaries, break the rules, have unprotected sex?

Now we are all invested in Love Island after last nights extended episode, let’s sit back and watch messy love triangles form over the next ~6 weeks.

You never know, could thatDNAcompany be supplying this year’s love islanders with DNA tests for the first time?

Will one of them want to know how is the father of their love island baby? “That DNA company’s” personal information paternity test will proide the answer and piece of mind.

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