So what do you do?


So what do you do?

Our answer:

Using DNA testing, we work out whether or not there is a possibility of an individual being the biological father of a particular child. This is commonly called a paternity DNA test.

Each and every one of us is unique. This uniqueness comes from our genetic code, which we have inherited equally from our biological mother and biological father. The thatDNAcompany® paternity test detects the presence of shared regions of this unique genetic code, which can in turn be used to determine if individuals are related.

We analyse your genetic code and the results are displayed as a series of coloured bands. We then look at these bands from both mother and alleged father to see if every band in the child is present in the parents. If so, there is a good chance that the child and parents are biologically related.

Please be aware that the thatDNAcompany® DNA test is for personal information only. It cannot be used for legal purposes. If you wish to have a DNA test for use in court, to change a birth certificate or some other legal reason, then you will need an accredited (legal) DNA test. This is available from, a service which is also part of Complement Genomics Ltd. For more information please call 0191 543 6434 or e-mail

Please note that this service is for the general public only. Solicitors and social services should continue to use and contact us on 0191 543 6334 or e-mail Please note that we do not carry out forensic DNA testing (e.g. hair, semen) for the general public.

Our DNA testing services are not limited to paternity testing, we can also offer a wider range of other genetic testing services including, sibling (full, half or unrelated), avuncular (aunts/uncles) and grand-parentage tests. More information can be obtained by e-mailing or by calling us on 0191 543 6405 with your specific request. We are experts in DNA testing and genetic test design and can advise on any number of issues within this dynamic field.

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