Everything You Need to Know About DNA Paternity Testing

Published on 13 Jul

Studies show that paternity tests that use mouth swabs or saliva are up to 100% effective in their results. When it comes to paternity tests, you want to be sure and confident with your results.  

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a paternity test. No matter your reason, you want to feel good about the test you choose. 

At That DNA Company, we specialize in giving you the most correct results possible. Our process is simple, fast, and efficient so you get your results fast and can access them privately online. 

If you’re thinking about getting a paternity test, read on to learn everything you need to know before you get one. 

What Is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a DNA test that will decide if a man is the biological father of a child. With the rise in knowledge and technology around DNA sequencing and testing, it’s easier than ever to get the correct results you need. 

There are two types of tests you can take, a saliva test and a blood test. The saliva-based test is 100% accurate and most tests are above 99% accurate. 

Blood tests take place at a medical office. Here, the child and potential father give blood samples. These get sent to a lab for analysis. 

Cheek swabs, or saliva tests, are an at-home paternity test. In this scenario, both the child and potential father swab the inside of their cheeks.

Doing this will collect buccal cells, or cheek cells, which lab scientists use to determine results.

Some paternity tests can be taken during pregnancy. These tests take a blood sample from the mother and a saliva sample from the potential father.

The two samples are then compared. You can take these tests as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy. 

Why Would I Need a Paternity Test?

There are several reasons why you may need to get a paternity test.

Whether for legal or personal reasons, knowing who the father of your child is may bring peace of mind. It will also help you make decisions about your family. 

For personal reasons, you may want to take a DNA relationship test if you’re unsure who the father of your child is. Fatherhood may be between two people and a test will decide who the true father is. 

With the results, you’ll be able to make clear choices about the future of your family and also inform the father with scientific, accurate results. 

Determining paternity can also help when it comes to matters like child maintenance, benefits, custody, inheritance, and citizenship. 

If your child is born outside the UK and you would like your child to be a UK citizen, a paternity test can help. A test that shows your child is related to a British citizen would make this possible. 

You may also be able to collect child maintenance with the results of a paternity test. This way, if you are separated from the father of your child, he will still be responsible for providing for the child’s wellbeing. 

Determining your child’s paternity also makes it possible for your child to collect an inheritance in the case that the father passes away. Your child may also be eligible for benefits associated with their paternal father. 

Lastly, paternity tests may be helpful during a custody case. Confirming fatherhood during any legal proceedings can be crucial and will need a paternity test specifically for the civil courts of England. 

How Does the Test Work?

At That DNA Company, we make the process of ordering and taking our paternity tests as easy as possible. 

Our DNA tests detect the presence of shared parts of your child’s genetic code within 23 markers. We then use this to decide if two individuals are related. 

Our results are remarkably correct so you always have peace of mind. Our tests either exclude a man from paternity with 100% accuracy or will confirm paternity over 99.99% accurately. 

There are 6 simple steps to ordering your test, taking the test, and getting your results. 

First, you can order your test online or by telephone with one of our customer service advisors. Your test will arrive in the mail. 

You will then use a mouth swab, provided in the kit you receive, to test the child and potential father. Including the mother in the test is not necessary, but we strongly suggested she take part to get the best results.

Your kit will come with full instructions on how to collect and store the saliva samples. You will then place your samples in the pre-paid tamperproof envelope we provide and send it to our laboratory. 

Once we receive your samples, our team of scientists will begin their work. You will have two options when you order your test that will determine how soon you get your results.

Your results will be available on the fourth or second working day after we receive your envelope. Your results will be uploaded as a .pdf on our website.

You will only be able to see your results with the login and password you created when ordering your test. 

Positive and Negative Effects 

You may be wondering if there are any side effects of getting a paternity test done, and if so, what are they? This is a natural question when it comes to the delicate nature of a paternity test. 

There are both positive and negative effects that may come with the results of a paternity test. 

The first positive that comes with determining paternity is having peace of mind about your child’s parentage.

Knowing for certain who the father of a child is will give you the foundation to make familial decisions. A test can also bring a family together if there was some form of separation after the birth. 

Knowing the results of a paternity test will also allow you to know more about a child’s medical history. Having a mother’s medical history is helpful. It’s always better to also know the father’s history for even more insight

Other benefits may include your child gaining rights and benefits in certain situations. Knowing parentage for certain is undeniable proof in legal matters about your child. 

There is also the stress that comes from taking a test and awaiting the results. A situation that requires a paternity test may be filled with doubt, questions, uncertainty, and fear.

In some cases mistrust and controversy may also be present in the situation, making it stressful for all involved. 

Paternity test results may uncover unpleasant truths that are hard to accept at times. If the child is older, results may affect them as well. A child may feel confused, sad, or unsure of their future after learning the results. 

Potential fathers waiting for results can also experience stress and anxiety while waiting. Taking care of your mental health during this process is important when dealing with stress. 

How Do I Get a Paternity Test?

Paternity tests are not the kind of service you can order from a store. You can order a paternity test can online through secure, legitimate businesses or take a test at a doctor’s office.

If you are taking a paternity test for legal reasons, a court may refer you to a specific site.

Paternity tests taken for personal reasons can be ordered through That DNA Company in a few easy steps. No need to search “Paternity Test UK”- we have the tests you need!

You will answer a few simple questions when ordering your test. First, you will have the choice of filling out your information through an online form, postal form, or over the phone. 

The person ordering the test will have to answer basic questions such as your name, address, and contact information. You will also have to describe your relationship to the test participants. 

You will have to fill out the information about the mother, child, and potential father. Once all this information is filled out, you can submit your order and wait for your test to arrive in the mail. 

Get Your Paternity Test Today

Now you know all the most important things about taking a paternity test. There are benefits to knowing who the father of a child is and taking a test is a simple procedure. 

If you’re looking to take a personal paternity test soon, look no further than That DNA Company. We provide fast, secure, and reliable tests that can be mailed straight to your home. 

Order your paternity test today to find out the results between 1 child and 1 potential father. We also offer tests for 3 children and 1 potential father and 1 child with 2 potential fathers.  

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