How are donors identified during sampling?


How are donors identified during sampling?

Our answer:

As this is a personal information at-home DNA test, you must be sure of the identity of the persons participating and we expect you to warrant those identities.

There is no requirement for any donor to provide proof of identity to us.

We shall report based on the samples which we have received.

You should be aware that it is a serious offence, punishable by imprisonment, to personate another body for the purpose of providing a bodily sample (e.g. for a DNA test) or to proffer the wrong child for that purpose.

Please note that it is NOT necessary for all individuals who are giving a sample to all be present together at the same sampling venue at the same time or indeed to be in the same place for sampling. However, at the time of sampling, a child who is under sixteen MUST be accompanied by the person with Parental Responsibility, as indicated on the consent form.

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