Who we are

thatDNAcompany® is a brand which belongs to Complement Genomics Ltd, one of the most established and trusted DNA paternity testing companies in the country.

About our vision

Our vision has always been one of enabling people to access complex genetic information, such as “who is the father of a child”?

thatDNAcompany® is an online value brand for you to access DNA tests in the difficult times in which we live. Money may be tight these days, but you still need answers!

Please note that we work from our own UK-based DNA testing laboratories.  We do not send samples to other companies or abroad.

Our customer service department is highly experienced at answering DNA testing enquiries and is UK based, ONLY. We operate a nationwide service from The Durham Genome Centre, Co. Durham, details can be found at www.durhamgenome.com and on www.compgeno.com.

Of course, we cannot offer a value brand for more complex testing or for legal (accredited) purposes, but if this is required, then the Complement Genomics Ltd laboratory will be there to help you. Please note that a different scale of charges will apply but please contact us for further information.

Do you need a legal DNA test?

An accredited (legal) DNA test can be used for legal proceedings such as for the Child Support Agency (CSA), inheritance disputes, family court proceedings, changing a birth certificate at the Registrars office or to support Home Office applications (visa or passport).

Complement Genomics Ltd (trading as dadcheck®) is our sister service and is recognised by the Ministry of Justice as “a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts of England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969”.

If you are a member of the general public and wish to have a legal DNA test, then please go to www.dadchecksilver.com, from where we offer our more complex DNA testing such as accredited (legal) DNA test, sibling DNA testing, grandparentage DNA testing and DNA testing involving persons overseas.

DNA tests ordered through "That DNA Company" cannot be used for legal purposes.

We have a solution for all your DNA testing needs

If you would like a sibling, grandparentage or aunt/uncle DNA test, then our sister service, dadcheck®silver can help!

Please call to discuss your case with one of our experienced and helpful team members or visit dadchecksilver.com for further information.

DNA Testing Services

Our personal information, at-home DNA paternity test kits are dispatched within the UK by Royal Mail 1st class.

From the time we receive your properly consented DNA samples (day zero), our standard paternity test takes 2 working days or you can pay a little bit extra for fast next working day results!

Order your home DNA test kit online today!

That DNA Company: Extended Services


Do you require a DNA test for legal purposes? (An accredited test)

This is for changing the name on a birth certificate at the Registrars office, Home Office or Passport Office applications, family court proceedings, inheritance disputes or liaison with the Child Support Agency (CSA). As this is a different level of service, please click here to contact the laboratory by e-mail.


Do you require a DNA test to determine other relationships?

As well as testing for paternity (proof of fatherhood), we can also test for other biological relationships such as sibling (full, half or unrelated), grandparent and aunts/uncles. Again, this is a different service and you will need to discuss your case with a member of our team. Please click here to e-mail our laboratory.