What is a thatDNAcompany® home DNA test?


What is a thatDNAcompany® home DNA test?

Our answer:

thatDNAcompany® at home DNA paternity tests are intended for no-nonsense, no hidden cost paternity testing, for you to find out who is the biological father of a child.  Our paternity DNA tests can be used for one or more children and whilst we always prefer that the mother takes part in the DNA test, we understand that this is not always possible.  thatDNAcompany® only offers personal information or peace of mind DNA tests.  You can order a DNA paternity test kit online or by phone and please do call if you any advice about a paternity testing situation.

If you need a DNA test for other biological relationships, then our sister service, dadchecksilver.com offers DNA tests for paternity, maternity, twin testing, sibling testing (full, half, not related), aunt and uncle and grandparent.  At dadchecksilver.com and dadcheckgold.com you can also order a test suitable for legal purposes and we conduct many such DNA tests for immigration and surrogacy.  dadcheck®gold is primarily for use by professionals, such as the solicitors and social services.

You will be coming directly to a highly experienced UK based laboratory which has been providing DNA testing services for over 20 years with the assurance that we are fully based in the UK.

By using our own laboratories based in County Durham, Northeast England, we can offer you exceptional value for money and still with the same quality of processing and analysis that you should expect from such a sensitive purchase. Unlike some DNA testing companies, you can rest assured that your samples will not be sent abroad or to any other testing laboratory.

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